371-9108: Bucket Arrangement
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    371-9108: Bucket Arrangement

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    About this product

    Extreme Duty bucket for very high abrasion conditions including high quartzite granite. Example: Digging conditions where tip life is less than or equal to 200 hours with Extra Duty tips.

    • Width: 1400 mm (56 in)
    • Capacity: 1.64 cbm (2.14 cyd)
    • Weight: 1873 kg (4129 lb)
    • J550 adapters
    • Includes penetration plus tips and sidebar protectors
    • DB linkage family
    • Hinged for use as pin on or with a pin grabber coupler
    • Cat has a 35-year legacy designing and building excavator buckets for customers around the world. You can count on genuine Cat quality built into every bucket

    Cat excavator buckets are matched to the capabilities of Cat machines, providing the best possible performance in your application. Consult your owner's manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.