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174-4874: Seal
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    174-4874: Seal

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    About this product

    Cat metal face seals are designed provide protection for internal working components like bearings and gears in abrasive applications in heavy machinery operating under extreme arduous conditions where they are subject to severe wear. The seal consists of two metal seal rings and two rubber toric rings. The toric rings provide the proper pressure to both sides of the metal seal rings. Mechanical face seals are self-centering to compensate for shaft eccentricity or misalignment.

    •Class D seal with LT-NBR toric rings
    •Seals oil in and abrasives out
    •Simple reliable design
    •Easy to assemble
    •Cost effective
    •Long service life

    Typical applications include undercarriage idlers, rollers, large axles, wheels and final drives. Consult your owner's manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

    • Outside Diameter (mm): 328
    • Lip Outside Diameter (mm): 332.1
    • Toric Material: LT-NBR
    • Ring Material Description: Formed
    • Housing Diameter (mm): 330.72
    • Inside Diameter (mm): 303.57
    • Temperature (°C): -35 TO +100
    • O.D. (mm): 328
    • Toric Cross Section (mm): 13
    • Ramp Angle: 15


    320D 320D2 323-07 320-07 320-07GC