9W-9856: Disc-Friction
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    9W-9856: Disc-Friction

    Outside Diameter (mm) : 431.9
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    About this product

    Cat drive train components must endure incredible torque, high impact loads, and frequent direction and gear changes. Cat designs and manufactures its transmissions and final drive components with these demands in mind. The result is a drive train that lasts longer and works harder over the life of the machine. Cat friction discs are designed to work within the transmission system to absorb the high power and energy during shifting.

    • Single spiral and 3X/9R groove pattern optimizes cooling.
    • Cat proprietary friction material ensures both performance and life.
    • (80) tooth internal spline to ensure exact OEM fit.
    • Hardened steel core reduces spline wear.

    Cat friction discs are used as part of the transmission system to provide maximum performance and life to the drivetrain. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.