153-5710: 12V Premium Maintenance-Free Battery
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    153-5710: 12V Premium Maintenance-Free Battery

    Height (mm) : 252 (top of posts)
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    About this product

    Engineered to withstand the toughest environments, this Cat maintenance-free Premium High Output battery lasts three times longer than conventional batteries. It features a vibration resistant design, and can be quickly recharged. It provides the starting power needed for a variety of applications, especially in cold climates. Cat batteries are held to a higher standard than the competitors, with over 100 different performance tests to ensure the delivery of unmatched power.

    ● 1400 cold cranking amps
    ● 425 reserve capacity minutes
    ● 200 amp hour capacity
    ● Size group 4D
    ● Forged SAE terminals
    ● Removeable caps
    ● Reinforced casing
    ● Flame arrestor safety vents

    ● Construction and mining
    ● Electric power
    ● Machine
    ● On-highway truck and bus