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3T-5760: 12V 31 BCI Wet Battery
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    3T-5760: 12V 31 BCI Wet Battery

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    About this product

    Engineered to withstand the toughest environments, the 12-volt maintenance-free Premium High Output wet battery has a vibration resistant design complete with forged terminals that prevent corrosion. A 100-hour vibration test ensures that our batteries will last five times longer than other brands. The reinforced casing provides unmatched protection, while flame-arrestor safety vents prevent accidental sparking from entering the battery.
    This battery features a silver calcium alloy grid design and is equipped with accessible, removable caps making it easy to check and maintain electrolyte levels and measure specific gravity readings. Access to maintain electrolyte fluid levels is important for maximizing the service life of the battery.
    This battery offers 750 cold cranking amps, 165 reserve capacity minutes and 100/95 amp hour capacity, making it especially ideal for starting applications in cold climates. It also features a calcium lead alloy grid design and has SAE posts.
    Cat batteries are held to a higher standard than the competitors with over 100 different performance tests to ensure the delivery of unmatched power. Our Premium High Output batteries last three times longer than conventional batteries and can be quickly recharged, reducing downtime and allowing for quick restarts.
    ? 12V Premium High Output maintenance-free accessible wet battery
    ? 750 cold cranking amps
    ? 165 reserve capacity minutes
    ? 95/100 amp hour capacity
    ? 31 BCI group size

    ? High-temperature automotive
    ? Machine
    ? On-highway truck and bus

    • Grid Type: Calcium Lead Alloy Grid Design
    • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 750
    • Terminal: SAE Posts
    • Battery Type: Wet
    • AMP Hr Cap @ 20 Hrs: 100
    • Width (mm): 172
    • Weight - Wet (kg): 25
    • Length (mm): 330.2
    • Reserve Capacity (Mins): 165
    • Application: Starting
    • Equipment Type: INDUSTRIAL
    • Voltage (volts): 12
    • Group Size: 31
    • Maintenance Type: Maintenance Free




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