6V-7959: Race-Self Aligning
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    6V-7959: Race-Self Aligning

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    About this product

    Cat bearings are designed for specific applications based on load, operating speed, temperature range, size, and past performance and are manufactured to the highest quality standards for long life and performance. Self-aligning spherical plain bearings consist of an inner convex race and an outer concave race that swivel to eliminate stresses on the shaft and bearing assembly due to deflection.

    • Spherical plain race only
    • Outside diameter: 111.13 mm (4.375 in)
    • Spherical diameter: 100.51 mm (3.96 in)
    • Height: 52.38 mm (2.06 in)
    • Double fracture
    • With cross holes and external groove

    Cat self-aligning spherical plain bearings are typically used in applications where severe misalignment exists whether from mounting or shaft deflection or when the shaft may bend during operation.