467-9814: Heavy Duty Abrasion Tip
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    467-9814: Heavy Duty Abrasion Tip

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    About this product

    The Cat® K Series™ system features a twist-on design and vertical retainer which delivers reliable retention, as well as easy installation and removal. Designed for the DNA of your Cat equipment, K Series tips protect the buckets of your machines from damage like no other tip can.

    Heavy Duty Abrasion tips are your go-to GET for high-abrasion applications like sand, gravel and shot rock. Featuring approximately 145% more wear material, these genuine Cat tips ensure longer life for your machine’s buckets. In addition, the tip base has 35% more surface area than Heavy Duty Penetration tips, making them ideal for loading applications.

    Your Cat dealer can help you select the teeth that provide the right balance of penetration and wear life for your specific needs and jobsite conditions. Choosing genuine Cat parts is a smart business decision … today and tomorrow.

    • Approximately 145% more wear material
    • Tip base has 35% more surface area than Heavy Duty Penetration tips

    • High-abrasion materials such as sand, gravel and shot rock