258-0930: Lamp Assembly-Basic
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    258-0930: Lamp Assembly-Basic

    Length (mm) : 139.3


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    About this product

    Cat work lights help turn night into day and increase productivity of both machines and operators. Cat lamp assemblies are intended to provide warning of slowing down or stopping of the Cat vehicle and indicating the presence of a vehicle when seen from the rear, which is intended to show the width of the vehicle.

    • Premium Cat Lights are designed to meet the demanding vibration levels of both large and small machines
    • Cat Lights are adaptable to other machines in your fleet, and can be retrofitted to older machines
    • 12 volts
    • Red lens
    • Panel mounted tail light
    • DT connector
    • Low power consumption
    • Environmentally sealed

    Widely used across Cat product lines wherever dependable lighting is essential. Designed for use in extremely tough conditions.