2F-6678: Lip Seal
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    2F-6678: Lip Seal

    Bore Diameter (mm) : 35


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    About this product

    Lip type seals are used in rotating applications to retain oil in the machine, and to
    protect the machine against external contamination. Specialized designs provide long,
    reliable seal life and provide additional protection in the most extreme environments.

    Rugged Cat® Lip type seals are designed to ride over the shaft on a film of oil for long seal life. For each specific application, materials and complex cross section geometries are carefully selected to provide long, leak-free performance.

    Cat® sealing system uses a robust design, testing, and validation process. Buy the latest Genuine Cat® seal to protect your investment.

    Lip type seals are used in low-to-medium speed rotating applications, such as transmissions and pumps.