3S-9643: PTFE Lip seal
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    3S-9643: PTFE Lip seal


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    About this product

    Crankshaft Seals retain engine oil and prevent external contamination from entering the engine oil system.

    Seals designed for dry applications (air-to-fluid interface) typically include a primary lip that prevents engine oil from leaking, and a dust lip. In wet applications (fluid-to-fluid interface), the dust lip is replaced by an auxiliary lip capable of pumping external fluid away from the engine. Some seals have a plastic sleeve to aid in the installation process.

    Cat® Crankshaft Seals are precisely designed to perform in this very demanding application. They must be able to withstand high rotational speeds, elevated temperatures, and high frequency axial motion.

    Cat® sealing system uses a robust design, testing, and validation process. Buy the latest Genuine Cat® seal to protect your investment.

    Crankshaft seals are used on engine crankshafts and other high speed rotating applications, like some water pumps.